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Dallas Auto Transports Top Features
1. Cross Country Car Shipping
2. No Deposit Required Upfront
3. Door 2 Door Service
4. 20,000 Cars Shipped in 2010

Shipping Info
I need to ship my car across country... are you national?

Yes... The Auto Transport Group will relocate you vehicle anywhere in the continental United States.  We are the largest Auto Relocation Broker in the nation.  Our national carriers compete from your business and have the ability to do door to door shipping.

What is an open carrier?

The Auto Transport Group offers open car carrier shipping.  Open carriers are similar to the carriers used to ship the new cars from the manufacturer to the dealers.  We will pick up your vehicle at your door or a convenient pick up point and delivered to the destination door or a convenient pick up point.

What is an enclosed carrier?

Similar to the Door to Door - Open plan, however your vehicle will be transported on a completely enclosed trailer to avoid exposure to weather conditions.  The Auto Transport Group will pick up your vehicle at your door or a convenient pick up point and will be delivered to the destinations door or convenient pick up point.

Are you licensed?

The Auto Transport Group strictly works with carriers that are licensed, bonded and insured.  The minimum liability our carriers carry is $750,000 of coverage per vehicle.  All carriers are also licensed and bonded by the United States Transportation Department.


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